Running Mathics


$ mathics
to start the console version of Mathics.


$ mathicsserver
to start the local Web server of Mathics which serves the Firefox GUI interface. Issue
$ mathicsserver --help
to see a list of options.

You can set the used port by using the option -p, as in:

$ mathicsserver -p 8010
The default port for Mathics is 8000. Make sure you have the necessary privileges to start an application that listens to this port. Otherwise, you will have to run Mathics as super-user.

By default, the Web server is only reachable from your local machine. To be able to access it from another computer, use the option -e. However, the server is only intended for local use, as it is a security risk to run it openly on a public Web server! This documentation does not cover how to setup Mathics for being used on a public server. Maybe you want to hire a Mathics developer to do that for you?!