Installation prerequisites

To run Mathics, you need Python 2.6 or higher on your computer. Mathics does not support Python3 yet. On most Linux distributions and on Mac OS X, Python is already included in the system by default. For Windows, you can get it from Anyway, the primary target platforms for Mathics are Linux (especially Debian and Ubuntu) and Mac OS X. If you are on Windows and want to help by providing an installer to make setup on Windows easier, feel very welcome!

Furthermore, SQLite support is needed. Debian/Ubuntu provides the package libsqlite3-dev. The package python-dev is needed as well. You can install all required packages by running

# apt-get install python-dev libsqlite3-dev
(as super-user, i.e. either after having issued su or by preceding the command with sudo).

On Mac OS X, consider using Fink ( and install the sqlite3-dev package.

If you are on Windows, please figure out yourself how to install SQLite.

Get the latest version of Mathics from You will need internet access for the installation of Mathics.