Documentation and tests

One of the greatest features of Mathics is its integrated documentation and test system. Tests can be included right in the code as Python docstrings. All desired functionality should be covered by these tests to ensure that changes to the code don't break it. Execute

$ python
to run all tests.

During a test run, the results of tests can be stored for the documentation, both in MathML and LaTeX form, by executing

$ python -o
The XML version of the documentation, which can be accessed in the Web interface, is updated immediately. To produce the LaTeX documentation file, run:
$ python -t
You can then create the PDF using LaTeX. All required steps can be executed by
$ make latex
in the doc/tex directory, which uses latexmk to build the LaTeX document. You just have to adjust the Makefile and latexmkrc to your environment. You need the Asymptote (version 2 at least) to generate the graphics in the documentation.

You can also run the tests for individual built-in symbols using

python -s [name]
This will not re-create the corresponding documentation results, however. You have to run a complete test to do that.